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STOP members have recently met with Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group who have again confirmed that they are not in a position to consider Westbury Hospital for future use and so it does seem as though, despite all the town’s support and hard work that the hospital will not reopen.
STOP want to emphasis very clearly that we are not giving up “ we have fought the
fight but the crushing weight of the establishment” means that we have to change direction - we are still meeting regularly to discuss how we can improve the health and well being of the community and with your help in objecting again to plans to build new houses on the site we can work towards improving the health and well being of our community.
There will be another public meeting in early July where representatives from the Clinical Commissioning Group and Wiltshire Social care will be able to hear your concerns about the future of the health services for Westbury people.

The date for that meeting will be announced shortly and in the meantime please write to the planning officer again and help to stop Westbury becoming just a place with constant traffic jams and increasing poor air quality.
You can find the planning application at
http://www.wiltshire.gov.uk/ application number 15/11604/0UT or email your response to developmentmanagement@wiltshire.gov.uk

Erica Watson Chair STOP

The planning for the DEMOLITION OF WESTBURY HOSPITAL has come in. Don't like the idea of losing another hospital object here. New National Petition.
by Michael & Doreen Pearce, Michael held the post of Mayor of Westbury and has been an ardent campaigner for retention of the hospital.


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